Jamie Allen, Alumni

Jamie is a general manager, product development executive, and serial entrepreneur. He is currently the President and CEO of VEXTEC Corporation, as well as the principal of JCAllen Services and a partner at NSV. JCAllen Services provides management consulting and product development services in the areas of mobile applications, enterprise mobility, web services and telecommunications services. At NSV Jamie focuses on telecommunications and the mobile internet.

Jamie joined NSV in 2007. Previously he had served as an NSV advisor beginning in 2003, and served on the Board of Directors of MyDigitalLife, Inc., an NSV incubated company. Prior to joining NSV he was an executive at Telcordia Technologies, a large telecommunications software vendor. Previously he co-founded two start-ups: Unifone, a converged fixed-mobile telephone service provider; and eCustomers, a targeted marketing service provider for ecommerce web sites. Jamie held executive management positions at two other start-ups: Malibu Networks, a fixed-wireless-access equipment vendor; and, eT Communications, an early smart meter vendor. Earlier in his career he held executive and R&D roles with Tandem Computers.

Jamie is actively involved with the Silicon Valley Android developer community. In March 2011 he co-organized the Android Dev Camp held at PayPal in San Jose. In May 2011 he organized the Android Developer Mixer @ Google IO held at Adobe in San Francisco. He develops Android apps in his spare time.

In December 2009 Jamie was intereviewed for the book The Future of Cloud: A Roadmap of Technology, Product, and Service Innovations for Telecoms (thefutureofcloud.com).

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