NSV Wolf Capital: Strategic Fund of Funds

Many large corporations invested in Silicon Valley venture capital firms in the past to gain strategic insights without success. While it is true that venture capital firms have access to valuable information regarding the latest startup scene, the traditional venture capital model is not designed to provide corporations with strategic insights and information. The primary objective of venture capital is instead to maximize their financial ROI. Thus, many large corporations have felt frustrated with the lack of strategic output from their investments.

To solve this issue, NSV created a unique “strategic fund-of-funds” to provide large corporations not only an opportunity to invest in Silicon Valley’s top-tier VCs and super angels, but also to gain insights that can guide their future new business creation strategies. NSV will tap into the deal flow of the VCs/super angels, utilize its Silicon Valley network, and provide strategic consulting services to its corporate investors.

NSV Fund of Funds Model

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Unlike the traditional venture capital model, NSV funds are structured to provide strategic information services to their LPs.

NSV Fund Strategic Information Services

(a) On-going information feed

  • Super angel deals
  • Other early stage deals
(b) LP-specific Report

  • Selective information sharing based on LP issues
  • Trend in LP’s industries of interest
(c) LP-specific Strategic Advisory

  • “Next Big Thing” for LP
  • Deep discussions with LP on growth opportunities
  • Creation of strategic partnership/M&A plans
(d) Transaction Support on Partnership/M&A

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