Consulting Practice Offerings

NSV offers four primary types of consulting services:
1. Silicon Valley Insights, 2. Innovation Consulting, 3. New Venture Creation, and 4. Business Development Support

Silicon Valley Insights

“The Entrepreneurial Zone” is a chaotic area where the next big innovation is being developed by thousands of startups. It is an area of extreme uncertainty with a high failure rate where few survive to create world-changing innovations. NSV focuses in this area.

NSV uses a proprietary research process called “Venture Scanning” to identify those key insights. By researching the chaos of startup activities we identify key trends, insights and opportunity patterns that are brewing in the entrepreneurial zone. With these findings, we begin to engage in new business creation activities.

Innovation Consulting

The culture of the large firm is optimized around managing continuous change. That’s how they maintain their business. But it’s the discontinuous change – the kind created by truly radical innovation – that gets these companies in trouble. In other words, rigidity is functional because it’s necessary to make things work. But eventually, rigidity works against you. It may be valuable for maintaining the status quo, but it keeps you from becoming innovative.

NSV helps large firms discover and develop new businesses.

New Venture Creation

We start companies. Small innovative companies that protect larger companies from discontinuous change. In this way, we also restart large established companies.

In helping to create innovative startup companies, we tap the creative energy of Silicon Valley, and the wisdom we’ve acquired from having helped shape it. We leverage the collective skill, vision, and financial backing of hundreds of venture-backed entrepreneurs. And we engage the best of the brightest, and apply their ideas where they can best be used.

Business Development Support

NSV has the capabilities and experience to provide a diverse range of business development and M&A advisory services. Services include potential target identification, assistance making contact with target companies and people, due diligence support, and negotiation advisory.

NSV has extensive experience consulting clients on a range of business development options from partnerships and joint venture to acquisitions.

Our Consulting Clients

We are proud to have served the following partners in projects that we hope will continue to creat massive change and company value.

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